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Vending Machines


Maple Hill Farms specializes in milk, juice and ice cream vending machines. We supply the vending machine, the product and the service. We maintain a staff of fully trained employees who are available to service and repair our vending machines.

We offer a variety of vending machines to fit your unique vending needs

  • National 4 Selection Milk Machines
  • 3 Selection Ice Cream Machines
  • Glass front Milk and Juice Vending
  • Fastcorp Ice Cream Machine

For additional information on these and our other vending machines, please contact Bill or Scott at 860-242-9689 or 800-842-7304. We will work with you to find the perfect machine for your location and product. 


National 4 Selection and 3 selection ice cream vending machines. They are perfect for smaller locations. 


Glass front milk and juice vending machines. This is a great choice for offering a variety of milk and juice products. 


Fastcorp ice cream machine is suitable for larger areas. You can have up to 12 choices of ice cream.